Parading Through The Town


Friday 24 November 2023, 4pm Onwards

Cavalcade of Light Starts in









Cavalcade of Light is an annual event organised by Waltham Abbey Town Council. More information can be found here.

Parade Route

The parade will start at the Town Hall and will proceed along Church Street, Market Square and Sun Street to Darby Drive.

Local businesses in Sun Street will be encouraged to stay open so there is still lots to see and do after the barriers have been removed.

Joining in the fun

If you would like to join in the procession with a float or as part of the walking procession, ring 01992 714949 or email [email protected] for more details. 

So what’s on?

2023 entertainment included:

  • Brass Band
  • Fairytale Princesses
  • Kids Craft Activities
  • Fire Breather
  • Abbey Performing Arts
  • U3A Singing For Fun
  • Fun Fair
  • Steel Band
  • …. wonder what 2024 will bring!


Why not join in the 2024 Cavalcade?

Why not be part of the 2024 parade or entertainment contact WATC.


(Details copied from various conversations on facebook)

Darby Drive car park will be open, as will most of Cornmill and some of the Quaker Lane Car Park.

Designated bays in Quaker Lane Car Park will be closed for the Cavalcade of Light from 6pm on Thursday 23rd November. Limited parking will be available. The car park will return to normal on Sat 25th November.

Find other car parks at

Another good place is the Town Mead car park (accessed from Brooker Road) with a few minutes walk up to the Market Square.

There is also the Lee Valley Parks car park by the Abbey Gardens

There is also lots of street parking available just outside the town centre.


Please remember to check opening hours, restrictions and charges if you use any of the car parks. They are not all the same.

But of course, please walk if you are able to !